Dating in a foreign land is hard, especially when no one knows where your country is. So where is Boldova? The mystery of this place is about to be uncovered.
Short comedy.  4:51 min

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor – Olga Wagner

Cinematography – Frank Steele.

Even decades after his death, a cult leader still has an effect on those who used to believe.
Short documentary. 8:04 min

Director, Producer, Editor – Olga Wagner.

Festivals: Columbus International Film and Animation Festival, Ohio Shorts at Wexner Center for the Arts, Cindependent Film Festival, Deep in the Herat Film Festival, Inside the Loop Film festival, docLAHOMA Film Festival.

An alcoholic mother struggles to free herself from addiction after losing her daughter.
Music video  4:35 min

Director – Shawn Spitler.

Cinematography – Olga Wagner

Festivals: Albuquerque Short Film festival, Red Rock Film Festival, The Southeastern International Music & Film Festival.

Nomination for the best music video of the year at Oregon Short Film Festival

“Best Music Video” at The Peak City International Film Festival.

“Naveed” tells the story of a young man’s struggle to balance faith, culture and sexuality.
Short documentary. 8:45 min

Director, Producer, Editor – Olga Wagner.

Festivals: Ohio Shorts at Wexner Center for the Arts.

Rivera, a black female police officer, has to choose to take side of the law enforcement or the black person being unjustly accused.
Short fiction film.  8:37 min

Director – Carlos Jones.

Cinematography – Olga Wagner.

Immersed in her own drug addiction and depression, Angela attempts to rekindle with her estranged daughter.
Short film. Fiction. 12:58 min

Director – Christopher Blazavich.

Cinematography – Olga Wagner.

Festivals: Cleveland International Film Festival, CUNY Film festival.

This is my first project made with an old Soviet camera “Krasnogorsk” 3. Shot on 16 mm black and white reverse film. The idea is to convey different emotions with and without the accompanying music. Music by Zemfira.

Director, Editor – Olga Wagner.

For Terry, a Dayton Police Officer, is not so easy to patrol the neighborhood he grew up in.
Radio documentary. 4:04 min

Director, Editor – Olga Wagner.

Light is a fuel of existence.
Experimental documentary. 2:01 min

Director, Editor – Olga Wagner.